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Spyder5 Pro

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I am using Spyder3 Express, purchased in 2011.   YIKES!    

Im looking at the Spyder5 Pro.    Will I likely be happy with this upgrade?    Or is there something else you would recommend?

I edit using a laptop, a Lenovo with a high resolution screen (I think my husband said its a 1080P monitor...?).   I’m a hobbyist, mostly taking pics of my own kids.

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In an uncalibrated state, they do NOT match at all!   My screen tends to be very cool without any calibration.   

Thank you :)   I read the article and it is VERY helpful and informative!    I hated to spend the money if I wouldn't see much of a difference, but from various reviews that I've read, here and elsewhere, it sounds like I should upgrade!

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