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Emulate Mastin fuji400h

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That's a lovely pair of photos, but definitely not a match for yours.  You'll need to find example photos with dark backgrounds like yours; or find a photo of your own with lighter tones.

Also think about the lighting.  Your photo is much more shadowy (on her face etc) than the linked ones.

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Yeah, that one will work!

Now go ahead and edit your photo fully and properly.


4. Make sure you have clean-processed your image first.  Don't post a straight-out-of-camera (SOOC) photo.  Artistic styles are best applied after clean processing has been performed.  I would not teach my gymnasts to somersault before they could roll safely; nor will I teach photographers to get artistic before they can competently edit cleanly.  You can find more information about clean processing in my article here.

Pay close attention to the white balance during your raw processing, and once you get to the Photoshop stage of your editing, you'll need to completely remove that unfortunate red cast that's coming from lower camera left.

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