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Embedded Grid Lines

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Hi, people!  I have a brand new problem I've never seen in my 6+ years of Photoshopping.  I edited part of a session and then ran a batch custom action on the open images, choosing to "save and close" when the action completed (obviously this wouldn't have happened had I chosen "none" for the output or whatever but I've done this hundreds of times in the past, ugh!).  For some unknown, ridiculously inconvenient reason, my batch randomly decided to place grid lines over the image and saved it that way.  I confirmed it's not just a "View" setting within my PS that I can turn off, because the stupid grid lines are there when I open the jpeg in Preview.  I don't suppose there's any way for me to UN do the gridlines?  At least it was only the first part of this session and not the entire set of images, if I do need to start over.  But yuck yuck yuck.  And, why did that happen and how can I make it never happen again?!

It's worthy to note that I recently upgraded from CS5 to CC when I also upgraded to a brand new iMac and admittedly things are a tad different all the way around.  Perhaps that's the issue?

Thanks in advance! xoxo

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Nooooooooo UGH I didn't save the PSDs this time.  Naturally.  This was just a quick, informal, last minute newborn session for a close friend with just a handful of super quick poses.  If I do end up having to start over it's literally only 12 images.  But still.  I don't want it to happen again :(

03.12.16 - Newborn Portraits 06.jpg

Nevermind all the shading issues - I wasn't quite finished :/

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If all you've got is the JPGs with these lines on them, I'm afraid you're SOL. :(  You should always, always save your master PSDs!

Can you screenshot your actions panel with this action's steps expanded?  Obviously, it's highly suspect if it messes up your files like this...

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