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From now until Sunday or Monday I'll be busy with our school's fete.  I'll still be online, but not as frequently as usual.  Thanks for your patience.

Tim Evans

Editing Workflow for Client Photos

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The one thing I am having trouble figuring out is how to adapt your techniques into my workflow. With Lightroom, I'd make limited adjustments--exposure, temperature, maybe increase vibrance and saturation, and then the client would review the keepers out of the photo shoot to pick which photos he/she wanted fully edited.

With the "Symonds Method," it appears I would have to fully edit all photo before the client review. While I could make just raw edits, I'm not sure your typical person with no photo editing experience is capable of looking at a photo edited to that point and see the potential for it in Photoshop.

I'm quite sure there's a simple solution staring me in the face, and I welcome you or another member to point it out to me.

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