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screen too bright

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Do you understand why I'm asking you all these questions?  Do you understand that your room light (at night) is much duller than the daylight which would be coming through your window if you were editing during the day?

And do you understand what a HUGE impact the surrounding light has on your screen-to-print comparison?  If you're holding your prints in dim room light, of course it will seem like you can't get your screen's brightness low enough to match them.

PLEASE tell me you understand.

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I'm so sorry I think I understand. I calibrated the screen. When it had finished I opened the curtains and then compared. Should I have compared when the curtains were still closed. Honestly if you've had enough of me. I completely understand and am grateful for you support

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When you're comparing the print to the screen, you know that you must not hold the print close to the screen, yes?  You MUST hold it out to the side.  I'm sure you know this, it was in my calibration instructions.

So my question is, did you make sure you held the print to the right side, away from the window?  Holding it to the left side, so it was backlit by the window, would be catastrophic.

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