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Hi Brian

I have recently updated my photoshop cc to 2017 version on my mac. Do I need to uninstall the 2014 version that is still on my computer or will it harm the new version somehow? Sometimes when I double click a photo in Bridge, it will open 2014 version for no apparent reason, other times it will open 2017 version. I have the 2017 version set to my default (I think I did it correctly). 

Thank you


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Adobe doesn't overwrite things when it updates. It installs a new version next to the old one. This way if a plug-in were to be incompatible, or something goes horribly wrong, you can still function with the old version. You could uninstall the old version to reclaim HD space, just as long as you are 100% sure that your Actions, Brushes, Plugins, etc. work with the newer version are are installed in the new version. Or you could leave it alone.

Me? I've been meaning to un-install the old versions of PS and LR that are on my computer. But I'm kinda lazy. LOL!! Who knows? I might do some spring cleaning this weekend. Before you do anything, I would backup any actions, brushes and record the license info for any plugins before uninstalling anything. It's good practice to do on a semi-normal basis and gives you peace of mind of having a backup.

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Ok thank you.

I don't mind it being there, it's just annoying that sometimes 2014 version opens, and another the 2917 version opens. Is there a way of telling it that I only want 2017 opening without having to right click to select 2017 all the time? 

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