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Everything looks crunchy

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Hi!  I've had the same workflow for years, but everything looks different on my new laptop--very crunchy and contrasty.  I calibrated, but images that were printed and matched my old laptop monitor look terrible on this monitor.   

Do I have any options in PS to fix this, because I can't find any options with my monitor.  Maybe I need a better calibration software tool?    

I use Photoshop CC.  Old laptop was an HP Envy, calibrated with Spyder 3 Express.  New laptop is an ASUS ROG GL753VE, calibrated with the same Spyder 3 Express.  

Thanks!  :)

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When you right-click on your desktop and choose "Display Settings", can you confirm that both of these settings are on "Recommended"?


(The numbers won't necessarily be the same as mine, I'm just making sure yours are on their own recommended settings)

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5 minutes ago, Damien Symonds said:

Fabulous.  You'll find my instructions here.

While you're waiting for it to arrive, make sure you have your prints (and their corresponding files) ready to go; and also pause to consider your room lighting.

Thanks for all your help, I appreciate how generous you are with your knowledge!  You may not remember, but you've been answering my random questions since about 2010.:)

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