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Leah Sharpshair

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I have several pictures I need to replace the background in.  I was at a friends house visiting and she had just had triplets, she wanted me to take a few snapshots of them and a family shot.  She literally threw a white blanket over a chair and was happy as pie.  Me on the other hand was flipping out inside thinking how am I going to figure this one out.  She did not want to come over to my house, she just wanted snapshots.  She is a mom of 12!!!!   I do not like to do things half ass but felt like I had no choice.  I am not happy with them at all and basically think it would look 100% better with a new white background.  The second picture of the whole family I could just extend the wall but not the greatest at photoshop.  Can you help?  I have Elements 10!   I do realize I could just crop some of them, but most of them I can't. I didn't shoot in raw so I don't know if you can even help.  Any advice would be appreciated.  



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