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ACR vs Digital Photo Professional (DPP Canon)

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I've recently been having an issue with my camera - images coming out muddy and severely pixilated. Sent to Canon.  Canon says they can't replicate the issue so I send them images for proof of my issue. I am on the phone with him and he looks at the images and says he can't see "the noise". I am shocked.... he says it's because I am using ACR and my camera is meant to use Digital Photo Professional (DPP) by Canon - Never heard of this software before.... says that I need to download it and my images will not show the grain that I am talking about. I download it and miraculously the grain is gone HOWEVER, the images are blurry - like the program ran a noise reduction without asking me... not sharp AT ALL... looks out of focus when zoomed at 100%.

SO, my question is... he is saying Cameras "firmware" is for a certain program and that I am not seeing the true image on ACR. That I can only see the true image on the program that my camera has firmware for. Is this a thing?! I don't want my camera back if the problem isn't fixed... If the pixilation is fixed than my camera is obviously not focusing as shown in the program he is convinced I should be using.

What do I do?! Also, is this a question for the hardware section?

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