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Editing steps in removing a fence


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I've been trying to improve my editing workflow so it is non destructive. I'm not sure if what I've been doing is correct. The client would like the fence removed. The way I would go about this is dup the background layer and use a combination of the patch tool and clone stamping. Once I did that I'd flatten and move on with the rest of my work. Is this correct? Is there a better way? Could you point me in the right direction? 


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Still working on same image - trying so hard to not flatten - it's a terrible habit I have. So my layers - bottom up are:



Layer where I removed fence

An Action I run

Levels from a quick selection of the couple


Now I want to dodge the background - I would have normally flattened then duped then dodged. Do I just dodge on a new dup from background between fence removal later and that action?

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