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Puffy Hair

Ginger Wick

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Can you please give me some guidance on tools to use to reduce the "puffy hair" in this image?  I want to make sure I preserve the hair texture. 

(700x700 didn't seem to include enough of the area, so I'm attaching 900x900 crop)


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This fix involves liquify, and is the same as this method.

First select the whole hair area and put it on its own layer, then put a blank cloning layer below that.  Clone the bricks in far enough to cover all the hair that will be shrunk:


Return to the top layer and enter Liquify.  Mask his face and the base of his hair, so that it doesn't get moved by the liquifying:


Using a big brush with the Forward Warp Tool, gently nudge the hair in.  Of course it will make the wall all bendy, but that doesn't matter:


When you've finished liquifying press OK to return to Photoshop, where your file will look like this:


Then add a mask to the liquified layer and mask out the bendy wall:


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