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Cindy Young

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Hi, D,

I took this photo in JPG.  I had sent my camera off to have it repaired and it was set on JPG when it came back and I failed to check that before I started taking photos at this newborn session.  Could you point me in the right direction as to how to fill in the background to the camera right of Matt&Baby?


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Thanks, D!  OMGosh!  The video is so involved.  I hope I can do justice to this photo.  I have the download, but I wish I had one-eighth of your brain! 

Are you in the timezone with Brisbane or Perth or another?


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I had taken a photo of the backdrop before the session, so I was able to use that instead of the gradient fill, which I don't quite get.  Is there a class on that?  Here's my solution:


Looks like I need to clean up the edges some more.

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