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Calibration with Dell Ultra sharp UP2516 D

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Damien I have been calibrating my monitor with all your instruction however my monitor has several preset modes. Standard, movie, game, color temp, color space, custom color, so I never know exactly which one I should use? Thanks so much! I use the x-rite i1 display pro as required by my monitor.  The images are fairly close but the yellow seems a bit green?


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4 minutes ago, Damien Symonds said:

Then I don't understand the problem?  I talk about those presets at GREAT length in the instructions: http://www.damiensymonds.net/cal_i1DP_pc1.html

You should have their values all written down on a notepad, exactly as I instructed: https://www.damiensymonds.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/15i1dppc09.jpg

None of them give the values except color temp which states 6500. The others are preset modes which you can use I suppose but don't have values on them.  I just was not sure which preset mode I should use. I know def not the multimedia move or game as those are way off. But not sure about the other handful presets. 

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Oh I did miss that part to check each preset that way. Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I say this to people all the time, I learned more from you than any instructor and I go back to the learning of editing to what you taught all the time. 


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