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We're celebrating Christmas a week early with Lara's family.  So I'll be turning off posting in the classes from Monday morning to Wednesday evening next week (17th-19th) (approx Sunday evening to Wednesday morning USA time).  I look forward to seeing your photos in class for the rest of this week, and over the weekend, as usual.


Polaroid Scanning

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I have some Polaroid photos I took with a Mamiya 645 medium format camera, but the actual image that shows up on the polaroid paper is 1.5x2in. I've attached a scan of one. 

My questions is how can I scan such a small image to get better quality so I have a digital copy?
I've tried several different sizes on the scanner and set the ppi to 1200 for highest quality scan. I can't seem to get a crisp image.
The scanner I'm using is from an HP Officejet Pro 8710.


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