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Extending background for a 20x20 canvas

Marissa Elise Allen

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In my playing, I think it's easiest to duplicate the Background layer and desaturate it, then duplicate that again.  Move the second one up, and line it up with the existing lines of bricks as best you can.

Working with it in grayscale seems to make it easier.

I'll upload a file in a moment ...

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It's not a gradient, it's a Gradient Map layer.  One of the options in your list of adjustment layers.

But if you feel like being lazy, just drag my layer across to your file and re-mask it :)

1 hour ago, Marissa Elise Allen said:

thats 100 times better than want I came up with! Thank you so much! could you help me find the link to buy you a beer? I appreciate you.

You are very kind.  It's a button at the very bottom right-hand corner of damiensymonds.net

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