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Bracketing Shots

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I attended a workshop where we were told to bracket and have arrived home with triple photographs - I was away a month so we are talking over 5 000+ photos and am overwhelmed looking at three exposures of the same scene. Most of the time, I ignored the instructions to bracket, but when I didn't, I have way too many pics - we were told to merge them (jpeg format) so we could get a quick look to see if we had all the detail for both the bright and dark areas. I have deleted the jpegs as a start...(:

I have detail in the bright sun areas that are underexposed and I had wanted to keep that detail except it is missing in the other bracketed shots. 

I know we can edit 'anything' but not sure which one is the better choice to keep and work from. Unfortunately, I can hardly stand to look at the folders that have these triple shots. My eyes are crossing.

I tried to search for bracketing on the site and did not find any comments but I do recall you saying something about bracketing not being needed? 

I would like to clear out the shots that aren't necessary (if possible) and then start editing. I have included three of the bracketed shots.

Do I keep all of them or pick one to edit?

untitled2018_04_17_1635_10.thumb.jpg.411af5c79268aa9a2e071e4f81004dfa.jpguntitled2018_04_17_1635_02.thumb.jpg.2c644953ad45cc36b04dd6ed10af3c04.jpg untitled2018_04_17_1635_17.thumb.jpg.541e0110a5e93bea85aad2e93d05cb1a.jpg


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It's funny, I've actually been having this exact same conversation in another thread, but it's in the Premium Area, which is why you didn't find it in your search.

You are absolutely right to be skeptical about this bracketing business.  It's rarely necessary.

Generally, you'd just use the middle-weight one (the left-hand one in your set of three above).

PLEASE post them in class when you start to edit them.

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