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Blanket fade

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Hi Damien. I tried to follow your blanket fade tutorial (http://www.damiensymonds.net/2011/10/blanket-fade-tutorial.html) but dont think i have gotten it right. There seems to be no "depth" or shadows in the pics. Maybe this wasn't the best method to use to extend the blanket background - what would you suggest? (SOOC is 2nd pic and is taken from RAW class)

9Q8A3907 - 1.jpg

9Q8A3907 - 2.jpg

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i have no idea where those awful lines in the top picture came from?? i cannot see it in any of the adjustment layers? is that banding that i keep reading about? here is the screenshot of the vignette i added but there doesnt seem to be any lines?? Does it have anything to do with the noise pattern? in the thumbnail in the layers panel it looks like the noise patter is rectangle lines, but when i open it up (2nd pic below) it is the actual correct noise pattern which you mentioned in the tutorial

9Q8A3907 - 1 lines.jpg

9Q8A3907 - 2 lines.jpg

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adding 2nd picture for noise pattern
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