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Comparing prints

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I've been working on monitor calibration and I'm just not sure if I'm getting it right. I am using a spyder5elite. I have a 4200 LED natural white light bulb. When you compare prints, should I have the lamp pointed directly at my prints? Because it makes a HUGE difference in the way they look depending on where my lamp is positioned. How do I know where I should have my lamp to compare? 

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Is the one light bulb enough? How much light should I have in the room? I feel like it's so dark with just the one light. I'm just afraid if I turn on more lights, it'll be too much and I won't get accurate results.

sorry, I'm new to calibrating and I just want to make sure I get this right. The only room in my house to do this is my dining room. So I'm limited with what I have to work with. I appreciate your help.

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