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Bridge Freezes During Import

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I have been having an issue with Bridge. It continually freezes when I import photos. It doesn't matter if I am importing 10 photos or 100 photos. Between 50%-80% of the import process the program freezes and I have to do a cold reboot.  I did a search on google and followed a few suggestions like disabling the preview panel etc. Do you have any suggestions?  

I switched over to see if LR would help and it freezes randomly. No issues at all with PhotoShop.

Windows 10

AMD 8 core processor 4.7 GHz

32 GB of RAW (31.9 GB usable)

464 GB hard drive with 363 GB free

I have all my photos stored on a separate internal hard drive.

Edited to say that I noticed the problem after windows updated. I restored it back to the point before installation, then disabled auto updates. 

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I am importing them ScanDisk Ultra 64 GB card. I have tried using the card reader and the cord USB cord for my camera. I convert to dng files upon import. I have not manually copied the files to the hard drive.

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For troubleshooting reasons, can you try importing the files again but not converting to DNG during import? 

Of course, we always recommend manually copying the the files to your hard drive over using the import features in either Bridge or LR. 

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On 1/30/2016 at 0:59 AM, Damien Symonds said:

Can I check - for what reason are you converting to DNG format?

That is just how I was taught to do it. I was told it was a more universal file format. I can no longer convert to dng without my computer freezing, so I have been using NEF files for about a week now. 

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