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Noise on theater set background


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Hi- I photographed a local HS theater dress rehearsal. The noise on the background is pretty bad. I've gone through the noise tutorial. I am wondering if there is anything else that can be done or is this just what it is?  Most images were shot over 1600 ISO, some much higher.  I am seeing extra artifacts, blotches on the background.  How high is too high to go with the luminance slider? I feel like the people get too soft and then worry about sharpening for print adding noise. 

These two images are SOOR, with some noise reduction. The shadowing on left, top corner shows banding and noise... and the light blue artifact gets worse.  


Thanks in advance for any advice.



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Oh gosh. Sorry. I totally forgot about the crops.

These have about a luminance of 25 done in ACR. I am afraid any editing will worsen the banding/noise in background or make faces too soft.

Thank you!

1856 face.jpg


1856 background crop.jpg

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Ok- I went through the tutorial better and here is the result. I don't think I can do anything about the banding/shadowing in top left corner where light dropped of.

Sliders - went as high as 74 for lum and 38 for color. There was no significant difference in overall photo color from 0-34 so I went higher with it.

1579 noise removal crop top left.jpg

1579 noise removal crop face.jpg

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Thank you. I am sorry for the super slow replies. We are  in the middle of buying and selling a house. Computer time has been cut short.

I will go higher with luminance. Thanks for the advice!

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