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I have a client who wants tiff files. He maybe wants to blow up to poster of his twins/family. I told him I only give jpgs but he wants to know why not tiff. He also wants to know the files sizes of jpgs. What is considered large enough to print poster size? I thought as long as the file size is around 6 million pixels it was high resolution and could print any size. No? Not sure what to tell him as to why he can't have uncompressed tiff files which he wants. Not sure what to tell him. Not sure if it's my policy will satisfy him and we've already done the session. He first wanted the raw files. Not sure why he's asking for these either.

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When people ask for TIFF files, it means they think they know something about digital images.

What it actually means is that they're morons who don't know anything.

However, it's easier just to give them what they want, than to try to educate them.  It's not worth the effort.

Just give him the TIFF files.

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