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Banding on blanket


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I shouldn't post while sleeping.The above was SOOC  and this is SOOR. Not a lot different,just few adjustments.But yes i can see a tiny bit of banding in it:( What causes that?Blanket by itself is ribbed.


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Or maybe its illusional banding because of natural vignette in my raw file and my eyes goes crazy??I am worried that printing out the edited one it will appear there.Do you see banding in my raw file?

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10 minutes ago, VitaZorge said:

Do you see banding in my raw file?

No I don't.  That's why I'm worried that your screen is poor quality (as laptop screens often are).

35 minutes ago, VitaZorge said:

Yes.Its been calibrated,but should maybe do again?

Actually, calibration can make the problem worse, ironically.  But only in cases where the screen isn't great to begin with.

Anyway, I'm sure your SOOR is ok.

So may I see a screenshot showing your layers panel of your edit?

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