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Father/Daughter dance

Kari Lacey

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Hi Damien

I photographed a wedding recently, and I really need some help/advice on this one photo. It is the only photo I have of the bride and her dad looking at me. The dad was mid-sentence telling me no more f'n pictures lol. Caught me off guard and the photo after this was too out of focus to fix. Is there any way of fixing his mouth or do I just say forget it and give it as is? 

(unedited saved at 72ppi)


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21 minutes ago, Kari Lacey said:

(unedited saved at 72ppi)

Regardless of what you might have read, the PPI is completely irrelevant for web photos, and 72ppi, even if it was relevant, hasn't been accurate for screens for many many years.

There's no need to change the PPI before uploading here, or to any other website, I promise.

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do have other photos, but totally different place, angle is close but not exact. I will post though to see what you think. 

Do you need the original picture re-posted? I thought I needed to change the size of the photo as it was not uploading and telling me it was too big....but I think it was just my internet :) because this second one uploaded with no changes. 



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