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Covering up cleavage / Making a black top

Melinda Brett

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Hi Damien, Instead of the baby being centre of attention in this photo well,.... ;-)

Can you please give me some advice on how to extend her black top so we can cover them up a bit?

Have included 2x crops so you can see the difference in focal range across the area.






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No,... Edited in Photoshop.... to within an inch of it's life!... quite some time ago! Do you need SOOR to be able to help?

Not sure if I still have the RAW file. (I know, I know, I'd keep it now and I'm sure there's lots wrong with the RAW work, again I'd do it better now... ) I'd still like to try if I can. Client came back to me saying all she sees is her boobs. And I can see her point!

Is it a lost cause?


Edited by Melinda Brett
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