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Color warmth don't match

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I recalibrate my screen and my color warmth don't match my prints anymore. I'm not sure what I did wrong. As it had worked for me for many months . But I had to clean up my PC and recalibrate. 

I use spyder 4 and my settings are all by ur instructions . Please help. The brightness and all match . But the prints look dull but on my computer they have more color to them mostly warmth . 


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Yes , I always been using this lab and prints always matches till my last order . That happened after I recalibrate my screen

And same prints as well

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my old prints look beautiful but when I look at them in my computer they look oversaturated!!  So I know I didn't change my Editing style and my last session I edited was with my new calibrated screen and thats the session that looks dull. Sorry I hope I make make sense. 

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