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Discolored line

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Hello.  I had this weird line, right in front of the baby, show up on all the images shot of this fabric. I tried using lightrooms moire and defringing/chromatic aberration which made no difference to this line. So, i am looking for help on identifying what may cause the line and also how to correct it.  I did a shoot after this on a similar beige color and noticed it once again, although not as noticeable. Its only showing up on neutral backdrops.  Shot with Canon 5dmark3, sigma art 35, and natural light from a window. Can you help me?  



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Awesome!  Thank you!  Any tips for preventing this? I used to have my studio flipped (light came from other way when i was on opposite wall) and this never happened.  I dont know if this has anything to do with it....

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