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How to export from Bridge

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In my quest to banish LR from my workflow I have finished my editing in ACR and a few in PS, I now have my images sitting in a folder in Bridge (CR2 and PSD files) but can't for the life of me work out how to export these to a USB as a JPEG. 

In LR I was able to got to library, select the photos needed and then 'export'....what am i overlooking with Bridge?


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I am still working through them, but this video is a huge help. I am putting a halt on any paid work until I finish your courses and re-evaluate the way I work and what my time is worth, as it's not my day job I have definitely been under valuing my time and I need a huge slap on the wrist for that. Thank you for being the guru that you are!!! You have and will continue to teach me so much!!! :) 


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