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weird discolored shadows with noise

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Im posting these 2 snips here. I had my coputer crash nd just got set back up. I have the xrite i1 display pro- it is not yet set up. I have been working in elements the past few days and am getting a weird shadow-discoloration with harsh noise in my images. While working on one this evening I noticed in windows preview the image looked fine but in elements it did not. I went into my monitor calibration and did a minor adjustment, and went into elements to check the color profile. This sounds crazy  I am sure, but now that I am posting here, I am pulling up the images and am not getting the grainy shadow thing! I did take a snip of it before it went away and hopefully you can still see what the issue is....so the image with the color profile in the way is the snip I took- and you can totally see the discoloration... I had drawn black circles around it in this one as I was sending it to a friend who could not see it... the second one is the image as a saved jpeg, it looked like the snip until just recently- the third is the edit of the image which now looks ok- weirdness gone- am I losing my mind or what caused this issue...it was the past few days witth files and shadowed areas...I appreciate any input. I am calibrating next week. Thanks 

Capture weird shadows.PNG

IMG_1366final warm reb.jpg

IMG_1366final warm.jpg

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