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Bad color cast


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Hi Damien,

I am struggling with a bad red color cast - I tried to increase lightness/decrease sat as well as replacement color with curves and I am not getting anything decent. Do you have any recommendations on how to handle this? (PS I am not done with the editing)


LCS_7679-Edit crop.jpg

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5 minutes ago, diamante67 said:

Wait... let me guess. Channel mixer?

Actually, no, not this time :)

First Levels layer:

  • Green channel 0/0.50/255 and 0/130
  • Blue channel 0/1.00/255 and 0/100
  • Mask VERY carefully to the red part of the flag.

Second Levels layer:

  • Red channel 0/0.50/255 and 0/225
  • Green channel 0/0.60/255 and 0/245
  • Mask VERY carefully to the blue part of the flag.
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So... this is a call for help. I did it - thank you so much for the help. But... it took me at least one hour to do the masking part, maybe even more. For the future, is there anything I can do to make the masking less painful? Is it really boiling down to experience or am I missing something?

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