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Hi Damien, is there an effective way to lighten the darker areas on her skin? I've tried dodging, without much success. I'm guessing my technique needs your secret sauce. Help!

skin tone_9293.jpg

SKIN TONE_9293B.jpg

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Thanks.  In that case, I'll be very very interested to hear if this method works for you, since other people with the newest CC have been reporting a problem with it.

Add a blank layer, then with your eyedropper tool choose some of the nice rich skin colour from her upper cheek.  Then add a new "Solid Color" layer of that colour.  Change that layer's blend mode to "Color".

At this point the whole photo should be that colour.  But some people have reported it turns their whole photo green instead.  Can you let me know what happens to yours?

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You are right!!! I did it correctly on my sample and then defaulted back to normal for my real image.  Does this look more like what you envisioned? also I grabbed skin from her neck because she had a lot of pink in the makeup on her cheeks.


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