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Problem with new ps

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I recently updated ps to ps cc 2019. The problem i am having is that i have a color issue. I first thought it was in bridge, I see very different the psd file than what i see in ps. I spoke a lot with adobe and they couln´t fix the issue.

i am thinking know that the issue is not in bridge visualization that is in ps visualization... What do you think? Any one else with this issue problem once updated ps? I check preferences and i see everything is ok, but it must be something there i can´t see. I tried in old pictures (ps cc 2017) they look the same everywhere i save again a psd and...now its darker! So the problem must be somewhere in the saving preferences (????).

same edition_ different visualization.png

what i see in ps.png

jpg preview.png

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It´s true, this profile color was wrong when i updated and i didn´t remeber to fix it. But that´s not the problem...look i changed the profile color as in troubleshooter i opened a new raw edited again and look, the problem is in the psd, the jpg looks as in ps but the psd is wrong ( darker and bad colors). I put a capture..

same picture.png

Captura de pantalla 2018-11-09 a las 12.20.02.png

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Is the one to see pictures in Mac I dont know in English ( Vista previa). I was looking if the problem is a visualization on bridge but i can see that if i look in the mac program i see it the same. So the problem must be in the psd. However when i save it for jpg you can see it fine (as i see it in Ps )!! Isn´t it crazy?

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Damien finally I run the adobe cleaner tool and re install all again and the problem is solved!!!! I waisted a lot of time thinking it was a preference issue. The important thing is that now is working and I appreciate your help!! I use bridge a lot so it was a problem not to see it properly!


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