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Printing from Lightroom to Epson _P800

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Hi - I print my smaller prints (A4 and smaller) on my Epson P800 with Ilford Smooth Pearl paper.  The results are excellent having completed my sharpening class ?

I export the images from lightroom to PS at 300ppi where I apply appropriate sharpening for the print size and then save.  This image appears in LR and I select print.  Currently I print direct from LR with no adjustments except for the print profile.  Also I have the "print resolution" check box Unchecked 

A friend told me that the default resolution for the Epson print is 360ppi (Canon's are 300) and as such I should use this as the resolution.  So my question is should I be exporting my files at 360ppi for printing thru lightroom and leaving unchecked or checking the resolution box and entering 360?


Thanks in advance.

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14 minutes ago, Damien Symonds said:

Unchecked, I'd say.  Since the resolution has already been established.

You can't go on living like this, mate.  It's time to make your life MUCH easier.  https://www.damiensymonds.net/bridge-30-day-challenge

Ha ha - Have watched those videos before.  I started shooting digitally back in 2003/4, and all that was available was ACR.  through bridge on PS 3 I think.  I manage all my files myself and import where I want them  I am a happy LR user to be fair... I particularly like the simplicity it offers when it comes to printing my own stuff amongst other features... Nice try though ?


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1.  Send RAW file to my editor

2.  Save edited image into LR

3.  Export image to PS, resize and sharpen for print - as recommended in your sharpening class.  (I have a preset to bring into PS at the correct resolution and crop)

4.  Go to print dialog, choose print template, press print.  Print comes out of printer.  Done.

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