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Exporting a Photo

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Hi!  I just joined this group as I am trying to teach myself Photoshop CC.  I have been using Lightroom for 4 years and am familiar with that, but need the capabilities of PS now.  Anyways, this is a basic question, but how do I go about exporting an Image after I edit it?  My working color space is sRGB.  Here is my edited photo , and then I am not sure what happened here... help!!!!!  

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 2.57.04 PM.png

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Though I should also ask: what's your workflow here?  How did you get this image from LR into PS, and what are you planning to do with this image next?

There's a whole LR section of this site, and I've gone in great detail on how you should set up your LR-PS workflow for best results.  So do check out that section. 

(Damien would tell you to stop using LR altogether and just switch to Bridge...)

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Thanks so much.  I did some edits in LR first, and then right clicked on the image, selected "Edit In" ---> Photoshop.  

I want to export the final image and save to a folder.  I followed the step with the link you sent me- is that all?  When I go to export out again, same thing happens. 



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