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Workflow WITHOUT Lightroom

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I hate Lr's folder system.

What is the workflow without using Lr at all.

I have the cc monthly subscrip.

Everything I've searched online is Lr Lr use Lr.  I dont want to use Lr at all. The folders really mess me up.


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Great!  The first step to a better workflow is knowing how terrible Lightroom is.  Usually it takes more effort on my part to convince people of that.  So I'm glad you've already done the work for me.

Your first step is to download and install Adobe Bridge, if you haven't already.  It's among the programs you have with your CC subscription.

Then, start by watching this video, and this one.

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Yes. I have photoshop. Although I've never used it. I tried to use Lr bc that's what everybody said to use. I used it to edit a golf event of approx 300 pics. and I ended up w several copies of the images and it was such a headache.

I know how I want my files organized. But I couldn't get Lr to let me do it my way. Aarrgghh!


I'm watching your video now and downloading bridge in the a.m.

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