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Defective SD Card??


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Hi Brian, 

While out shooting today, I put in a  brand new SD card, preview shows perfectly fine in camera but not on PC.  I have three images that I can not pull off the card, says file is not supported or may be damaged.  I've been using this brand for a long time and this is the first issue I've encountered.  

The card is a Lexar Professional- 32GB - 95MB/s - SD (1) HC I class 10. 

Not sure where to start troubleshooting.  Any help and suggestions would be most appreciated.


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UPDATE:  I plugged my camera into my PC via the USB cable and was able to copy and paste the three images which I’m also able to view in ACR with all metadata (yay!).  Took another picture tonight on the same card and that image can’t be previewed on PC either eventhough it previews in camera.  So I put in a new card, took some more shots and it seems perfectly fine.  Bad card I guess??

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