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  1. Hi Damien, I'm trying to get the paper profiles for Press Cards, Fine Art Giclee Prints, and Photographic Prints from my new lab for soft proofing and I seem to be getting the run-around as they only want to send me the lustre/deep matte or pearl metallic but that's not the finishes I want to order (ie: glossy, watercolor, glossy on silk, etc). My question is, is the lab not obligated to give the photographer these profiles? Why wouldn't I want to soft proof the images prior to submitting my order, I'd be foolish not to? Thanks in advance.
  2. It had been a while since I oredered prints (Don's Photo) so I gathered all the images I edited in class, about 30 - 4x6's along with 4 -5 x 7 black-and-white test prints for the sharpening class. I was hugely disappointed with the color; snow scenes have a blue tint and skin tones look green, overall very contrasty and dull, lacking vibrance. But I have to admit, I was very pleased with the sharpening on my 5x7's and anxious to concentrate more on the Sharpening Class once I get the color error corrected. I know, I've been foolish to not order regularly but I just kept putting it off. Anyway, I spoke with the lab manager and he offered to do a re-print for me. So, I'm patiently waiting for them to arrive before I recalibrate. But I have to admit, I'm very leary to re-order anything from them if they're not reliable and inconsistent. In the meantime GTA Imaging out of Toronto (Pro Lab) has accepted my application since I'm not considered a professional photographer and they're closed for the holidays until the New Year at which time I'll send in for test prints. Going back to calibration, I currently use the Spyder 5Pro, my monitor is a 24" ASUS Pro Art PA248Q. LCD monitor but LED backlit (the LED / LCD is confusing me) and I'm questioning if I should upgrade my calibrator. I went through all of your calibration tutorials and I can't decide if I should go with the Xrite i1Disply Pro (as it does both LCD and LED) or if I should stay with Spyder (because I'm familar with the brand) and upgrade to the Spyder 5Elite. Curious to hear your thoughts Damien when time allows. UPDATE: Since I emailed you this morning, my re-prints were just delivered (YAY!) Night and day difference, lab screw up I guess. Attaching a quick cell phone picture (sorry, very poor lighting here at work, re-prints on right). In real life, I feel the color is spot on to my edited version, anxious to compare in proper lighting to the computer. However, I am still considering the new lab and a new calibrator.
  3. Hi Damien, Question regarding HDR imaging. I've been following a local photographer in my area on Instagram who creates HDR images with Photo Affinity software. Is there a way to create such images in Photoshop without purchasing HDR dedicated software. I've been playing around with the channel mixer and high pass filter but not getting the results I like. Curious to hear your thoughts and suggestions. https://www.instagram.com/gilbertkaterynych/?hl=en Thanks!
  4. And what about Bridge? installed on C: but storing cache on D: Is this alright?
  5. Hi Damien, Quick question, which drive should PS be using for the scratch disk? It's currently using D: but PS is installed on C: and no option to change it? Adobe is telling me the scratch disk should be on the same drive as the installed program for everything to run properly? Your thoughts? I just got my computer back from upgrading my C: drive to 1TB and it's a big fat mess, I'm trying to sort things out. Thanks.
  6. Hi, I was surprised to find a hard copy of Photoshop CS6 as I thought PS was only available through cloud. Since I no longer require LR (I know, that's a VERY bad word on this site, Lol!) I am considering letting go of my yearly photography plan and seriously considering the purchase of the PS hard copy: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/offer-listing/B06ZZCMW8Y/ref=dp_olp_new?ie=UTF8&condition=new What are your thoughts Damien? Is this a good idea? More money upfront but it will save me money over time. The reason I ask, I had purchased a hard copy of LR6 last spring, and when I went to download it kept flipping to my LR CC 2015 account. I was fortunate to return the program and work off of my CC account. Just wondering if I will have the same problem with the PS hard copy and be money out forcing me back to my CC copy of PS. Thanks.
  7. Hi, Just thought I would provide an update. I spent the better part of the morning on live chat with Nvidia as Adobe said my graphics card was not supported nor tested by PS (eventhough all has run flawlessly since Feb 2016). Nvidia had me change some settings in the Nvidia Control panel and after rebooting a couple of times, the glitch seems to be resolved. Keeping my finger's crossed.
  8. It's happens with every new photo, not old ones.
  9. Forgot to insert from questionnaire: I have a PC desktop running Windows 7 Professional and Photoshop CC2017. It is under 2 years old, and has 32GB of RAM. Its hard drive has 78.3GB free out of 223GB. The last time I shut down was just before posting this thread. I have never run a cleanup program.
  10. Thank you so much for your quick response, Damien, however, solution A and B was unsuccessful. Updated Camera Raw, deinstalled PS CC2017 and reinstalled. Also ran a disc cleanup and ran an update for Nvidia Graphics card. Unchecked the graphics processor box, closed out of PS and shut down PC, restarted but when I tried to open ACR, I received this error message: "could not complete your request because the file format module cannot parse the file" Attaching screenshot of ACR glitch from a random photo...
  11. Just thought I should clarify --Lower left corner of image breaks up into a square, checkerboard of sort. I am seriously freaking out!!
  12. Hi Damien, Experiencing something very odd tonite. Working on raw edit in ACR and as I adjust the sliders I am getting a square transparent square (sometimes turns black) in lower right corner of image. I am operating Windows 7 Professional and Nvidia GeForce GTX 750ti graphics card. I have rebooted my PC a couple of times but still continues. Any ideas why this is happening and how do I fix this?
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