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Layers Panel won't dock properly on workspace

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Hi there, it's been a while since I set up my workspace as per the Layers and Masks course, I believe.  

My Mac recently died on me so I have borrowed a Surface book for now and I am trying to set up my workspace. I have opened a history tab, an adjustments tab and a properties tab with no problem but the layers tab isn't docked properly. I can't get to the icons at the bottom without physically moving the entire tab. It's not locked to the side. I hope you understand what I mean. 

I've attached a couple of pics. First one is my workspace and the second one shows that the layers panel is randomly still there when I open Photoshop.

Please tell me it's just me being stupid and it's a simple fix ?



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Thanks Damien, at least I know I'm not being stupid. 

I've actually just found a solution after reading your reply. 

I moved it around on the right hand side and it has 'snapped' into place under the history panel. Not the look I'm used to, but I guess whatever works. ?


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Yay, I've got it. It took a while. For a minute I thought I'd stuffed it all back up again, as it wouldn't snap but I moved it around until a blue box appeared around it and that seemed to signify it would snap. So I rearranged them all and all is right with the world again. Well the Photoshop world anyway. ?



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