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ASUS VS239 monitor went wonky

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After reading the recommended monitors I bought the ASUS VS239 to hook up to my laptop (screen was going bad). That and I wanted a better set-up for learning how to edit. 
The colors were pretty impressive out of the box but there was some variance that I couldn't get adjusted so after reading several posts I bought the Spyder5 Pro.  

My problem is that since running the calibrator following the steps in the how to article, my whole screen has since had a reddish/grey hue to it that it never had before.  Most of the colors still look good but my whites are completely shot.  
I've recalibrated it several times following the advice in the article. I've reset the monitor every which way I could find and I still can't get my whites back.  I've used all "white" settings I could find on the monitor (doesn't actually come with a user manual, just a little quick start sheet) 
At this point I'm not even worried about matching prints, I just need to get my monitor back to how it was.  
I'm posting a photo to show what I'm talking about.  My wife calls it a "dusty rose" color that's covering everything.  I've recalibrated I believe 7 times in the last 6 hrs I've been trying to fix this.  Done everything I could think to do with the monitor.  I even went and bought some HDMI cables to hook the two together instead of the VGA cord it came with on the recommendation in the help section. 
I am at a total loss here.  Any help would be appreciated. 


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I understand that, I said what I did  out of frustration because I'm trying to help a friend with a wedding disc she got from Las Vegas that she wants edited before their wedding shower they're hosting here and I fear I'm screwing them up. 

I only have three professional prints at hand right now to compare them too.... one includes snow and living in northern MI USA I am VERY familiar with snow...... in my photo example above snow looks like the monitor display, not the dirty dusty rose everything else is showing. 
I need to get to sleep now but I look forward to further interaction tomorrow. It's been a busy day (rest of the week), kids soccer games, daughters rehearsal for her year end recital, and they're filming a movie on the little block we live on the last two days so lots of excitement. 

Thanks again for responding and I will try to interact more tomorrow as the crazy schedule allows.  
(it all calms down Sunday) 

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Seriously, I bought all of these things because I'm looking forward to taking your RAW classes among others.  Not blowing your above concern off.  Cheers. :)


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Which "white" settings were you using? The ones under the Splendid menu (like in your snapshot of the screen) or the ones under the Color menu? 

Also, have you viewed your images open in PS yet to compare them to your prints? That will give us the most accurate description of how far off your monitor is. 

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On 5/5/2016 at 1:34 AM, Damien Symonds said:

Have you done this yet?

Thank you!  I figured out how to do that, reinstalled everything, ran the calibrator according to your instructions for the Spyder5 Pro and it is so much better.  
Some of my prints match and some don't quite match but they were from different labs. Those were from before I read your recommendation of what to order tho. 
 I ordered some new prints and will use the new ones to base the monitor on. 


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