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Equine Portraits

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Hi Damien

I'm just after your advice on replicating this kind of equine headshot processing wise.   I've attached my SOOR images - I think I was on the right track in terms of taking the photos just inside the stable door for the dark background etc.  However I think my posing of the nag is a bit dodgy...  I did get 2 shots of said nag posing similar to how these shots are done however my flaming focus is soft! Oh well - something to try again! :D

For the purposes of having a crack at replicating this processing style here's my attempt - I used a solid fill layer, inverted it and then used the marquee tool to just select the area I wanted to play in.  No idea if I'm on the right track or not!  But I wanted to try first before asking.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 11.18.16 am.png




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Its a stinker of a photo, but I'm using it for practice, this is my attempt.  It's a practice makes perfect story isn't it.  

I just kept increasing/decreasing brush size around the ned to mask in black.  I've noticed after lots of eyeballing these finished portraits is they always have the horses head turned against their body so their whiskers don't need to be masked around.  Nightmare masking around whiskers!  So I just bull dozed straight over the top in this image...;) 

It's bloody rough masking so plenty more practice to be had.  Bit painful using a mouse I'm discovering. 


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