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I haven't opened ACR or PS in a couple months because we moved across the country.  I have never seen this error message before, nor do I know what to do.  I selected photos I'd like to edit from Bridge, and tried to open them in ACR, but this popped up.  Can someone tell me what to do please?  

Adobe CC is all up to date, and I opened PS first and then closed it, and I'm still getting this message.

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 7.32.48 PM.png

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Samantha, I did, but just updated.  PhotoShop just finished an automatic update and now everything looks different. :(  
Damien, I have always used Cmd R to open my images in ACR, and that's what gave me the Error Message.

The error message has disappeared, but now ACR looks completely strange.  I'll search in here for posts on how to navigate the new screen.


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