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InDesign's Color Settings

Note:  The screenshots that follow have been taken in CS5, but apply to all versions.

Open InDesign's Color Settings and I recommend beginning with the "North America General Purpose 2" settings:



Then click on the CMYK menu to view the list of available profile, so that you can choose the one that your printer has advised:


IMPORTANT:  Do not use guesswork at this step!  You must insist that the printer tells you exactly which profile to use.  If they can provide you with a custom profile (all good printers will be able to do this) make sure you have installed it on your computer before launching InDesign; and choose it in this step.  (The printer should be able to give you advice about how to install it.)

Don't just pick a profile that you vaguely think might be correct.  Everything hinges on the accuracy of the profile.

For this demonstration I have chosen US Sheetfed Coated v2:


You might wish to hit "Save" to store these settings on your hard drive, but this is optional.  Either way, press "OK" when you're done, and your InDesign is ready to use.

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