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Monitor calibration and 4K laptop

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After 7 years, I finally upgraded my laptop and excited to not have let my machine struggle to run lightroom and photoshop!  Just got the Dell XPS 15. My brother talked me in upgrading to the 4K monitor to basically get the best machine possible.  

I believe I have a Spyder3 that I've been using for years.   I was going to upgrade my calibration tool but have read some might struggle with the 4K monitor.   Any suggestions?  I don't think I went pro last time and would be ok to spend a little more for color confidence!   From your article it seems like X-rite i1Display Pro may be able to handle a few more options?    I can tell from prior images/some of my favorite pro pages the out of the box color on the monitor is a bit red so anxious to get this calibrated and get back to having fun!   

I have an external monitor that's barely been used because really rarely can I be in my study editing.  I'm usually on my laptop.  And now it's like 5+ years old anyways.  

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On 4/10/2019 at 7:19 PM, Damien Symonds said:

Don't worry, all the modern calibrators will handle the high resolution of 4K just fine.

It looks like my reply didn't come through but thank you so much!   Xrite ordered and arrived today!

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