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Beach Photo - Moire Problem


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I am posting the 100% of my pants!  Should I post in a new thread about possibly moving my son closer to us (asked about on facebook) and also wondering if there is anything to be done with my tummy bulge.  I usually hide myself behind my children for this one very self concious reason! 

Family Beach Photo.jpg

Moire Problem.jpg

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It was more so that I didn't even know it would take me to black and white so I was dumbfounded and not thinking clearly - shocked at the result of a black and white image so frozen in who knows what. 

family beach test moire fix.jpg

moire 100%.jpg

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2 minutes ago, Damien Symonds said:

It's not black-and-white, don't you see?  It's pant-colour.

Well - now I see lol - but when it was over the whole image ? . . .  let's just say I just woke up from a nap and wasn't thinking too clearly :P I don't really know.  Brain fart?  who knows, but thanks for the help! 

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As it happens, you got lucky this time, because we do need that duplicate layer.  You need to apply some Gaussian Blur to it - just enough to get rid of the distinct fabric lines, eg around your hand.  I think about 0.6 will do.

Then mask that layer too.

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