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Circling an object

Joe C

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This is probably simple.  Let's say I wanted to draw a red circle around one of the arches.  Maybe to point out where I was standing looking out or something to that sort.  Or circle one of the cars to show one that almost ran somebody over.  You get the idea.  It's probably very simple.  But I can't figure it out.  I'm using PS CC.  

DSC_5237 2.jpg

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Well, this is all I do ...

  1. Add a new blank layer
  2. Click on the foreground swatch at the bottom of the toolbar and choose red as the colour
  3. Press M to choose the Marquee Tool, then click and hold on it to choose the oval one
  4. Check the options bar to make sure it has 0 for the feather setting
  5. Draw the circle
  6. Edit>Stroke and give it a few pixels of stroke.
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