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Photos app for Mac


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When I import photos from my camera, I now use the card reader and bypass Photos altogether using Bridge (thanks to multiple posts in Ask Damien). This question is actually regarding importing photos from my iPhone to my Mac. Is there a way to skip Photos when my iPhone is plugged in - to import iPhone photos straight to a folder on my desktop or hard drive?

I see an option to un-click "Copy Items to the Photos library" under Preferences. Is this a separate action from above? I am wondering if this is copying my files and creating duplicates that I do not want. Should I deselect this?

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Yeah, photos is a real pain to disable. If you want to auto-import photos from your phone, I use the free version of Dropbox. It syncs you phone to a folder in its cloud service. Granted, the free version is only 2GB, but it does give you a chance to put your photos somewhere so that it doesn't end up in Photos. After importing, you can always move them to a folder on your HD. 

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