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shitty lighting on seamless


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Hi there Damien.. so I screwed up the lighting in some of my studio photos.. I dont need them to be super perfect but any help trying to fix a bit the seamless lighting would extremely appreciated... got tons of them to fix.. 

Thank you! 

2018  Class.jpg


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15 minutes ago, Damien Symonds said:

Hi @beth0386, what troubles you about it, exactly?  Is it just the edges that I can see you've fixed here?  Or is there more that's bothering you?

how the light changes... and the seamless wrinkles show more... how dark is on the right side...  doesn't it bother you? maybe I am overthinking it... 

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Just now, Damien Symonds said:

Well ... there's a lot that bothers me about this photo.

How long since you last checked your screen calibration?  I mean, actually compared the screen to your pro lab prints?

Long time... a year maybe... since I Stopped working as a photographer. This was just a favor for my kiddo's dance class.. 

This photo is not edited at all tho.. just stretched the background to see if I would hate it less..

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12 minutes ago, Damien Symonds said:

Better do it before you go any further.

Will do.  

One more question... what would be the the best way to extend this backdrop? or am I completely fu*** 

No.. re shoot aint a possibility ... or no help until I calibrate?

I kinda dig the look lol but they want me to make it solid.. 


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