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Brian, I am looking at doing a desktop upgrade and would also like to purchase a laptop. Can you recommend some options? I saw in another thread where you recommended an HP laptop, is this still you best recommendation? Also what about wacom tablets, any recommendations on those?

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Personally, I don't recommend laptops for photo editing, but like LR users they won't budge. People still want stupid laptops.  It's really tough for me to recommend laptops as getting one with an IPS-based display is much more difficult now than ever. The HP one is a rarity; the Asus Republic of Gamers line used to be my go-to but now most of them do not come with IPS screens. Besides the hardware under-the-hood, it was the display that pushed me over the edge in recommending that one. So in my humble opinion, I'd buy a laptop that you can afford and use and external (and calibrated) display for photo editing. If you really want something decent, you should look to spend between $1000-$1500 or so.

Wacom...don't have personal experience with them. Damien has though and wrote an article. You really want to choose the correct size for your primary display, that's the most important part. Give this article a read.


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