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Need help with editing sessions

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I recently had a major medical crisis and my brain will be better soon but until then I am looking for someone to take over my editing.  I would like it to look just like my editing does and it is nothing fancy and nothing in large volumes.  Mostly seniors in high school.  I plan to only need this until my brain is back up and running (next 3 months).  Please let me know if there is anyone out there who would like to try and help (i would pay of course).  I tried using “find a retoucher” and my clients rejected the edits .  Please let me know.  Look forward to hearing from you!

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It might be helpful for you to post an example of your work? And then perhaps some examples of what you received back that didn't meet your standards? 

I know Damien isn't taking on editing work right now personally, but we might he able to get you in touch with the right people given your situation.


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