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Crucial RAM

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I just saw the thread on Facebook about RAM being cheap right now - my iMac runs *fine*. But I wish it moved *fast*. I've attached what the scanner found. I would love a recommendation for which configuration of Crucial RAM to buy. 


Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 8.39.17 AM.png

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THANK YOU for the quick response!

And -thank you for the link to the exact kit. Is this the same thing at B&H? (For a couple bucks cheaper?) Also, the Apple tutorial for my model iMac doesn't mention any special tools or anti-static anything... do I need the wrist strap and special tools and anti-static mat? 

Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 12.38.34 PM.png

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The one I linked to is a different Part Number. The "M" on the end seems to be that it was tested in a Mac. Now, there are two reasons of thinking:

They are both the same, and the "M" is the "Macintosh Tax." Manufacturers know that Mac owners are used to paying more money so they might be trying to add a little extra profit, although small. This "M" memory also might be more compatible with the existing Apple RAM, if you were just upgrading slightly.

The other way of thinking is that there is no difference and either will work fine.

Bottom Line: For the best performance and compatibility, it's best to use the SAME RAM STICKS in all your memory slots. Since you are pulling out the Apple RAM, and replacing it with a quantity of two 16GB kits, you should be fine with the cheaper option. That said, for and extra $12, you will have peace of mind knowing that it has been tested in a Mac.

What would Brian do? Besides talking in the 3rd person, :D  I'd look for a Crucial Coupon Code to get free shipping or whatever to offset the $12 cost for the "Mac Tested" RAM @$73.99. At $6 per kit difference, we are really splitting hairs.

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As far a special tools, this is what I used:




The rounded end of a toe-nail clipper handle works great to pop in the little button to open the RAM Access Panel. The one that I used was made in China. So if you are feeling American for the 4th of July, look for one made in the USA. :D

Static...yes, it's important to touch something metal to ground yourself before handling the RAM. Just don't go walking over to one side of the room, touch a refrigerator or something, then walk all the way back to the computer. You could build up a static charge by doing that, which defeats the purpose.

Touch something metal within an arm's reach. Computer components are made A LOT better these days then back in the 80's. Back then you could wave a Styrofoam Cup over a Motherboard and it would start doing weird things. So just use common sense and go slow and methodical. Handle the RAM by the edges, wash your hands before and make sure they are dry, etc. Like I said, this should take 5-10min for the whole time.

The hard part? Trying to get the stupid Access Panel Button pushed in without scratching the finish. Hence the rounded edge of the Toe-Nail Clipper. Also if you put your Mac face-down, the RAM Cage has a tendency to fall back into place, since Gravity will be working against you. So be prepared for it; it's a two hand job unless you insert the sticks with the Mac up-right. Oh, the RAM sticks only go in one way, so make note of which side the notch is (I think it's the left, facing the back of the iMac...) when you pull the Apple RAM.

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