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Backdrop w/ banner extension


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Any hope on extending the backdrop? I didn't have time to purchase a wider one and didn't think it would be hard to extend the backdrop but the banner and pom poms are causing a bump in the road for me. This is SOOC, just saved in jpeg.


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With an extraordinary amount of patience, quite a lot of skill, and a heck of a lot of time, it would be feasible.  You'd need to start by copying the Mickey Mouse heads on the string that do have backdrop behind them, and replacing the ones that don't have backdrop behind them.  Then you'd have to create a completely new backdrop with a series of gradient layers, then start tediously masking them in.

I suggest to you that life is WAY too short for this.  Accept a portrait orientation, and move on.

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3 minutes ago, Damien Symonds said:

Just to check, you don't crop the master files this way, do you??  11:15 is only for client jpegs.

Correct. I've read enough of your posts to know not to do that. Never crop masters. Delete jpegs when you are done with them.

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